Managing privacy settings in My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite is a great way for church members to stay connected. Whether you’re looking to swap serving times with someone on your rota, or coordinate ahead of a small group meeting - My ChurchSuite makes it quick and easy to look up the contact details of your fellow church members and get in touch with them.

At the same time, we recognise that not everyone may wish for their personal information to be available in this way, which is why My ChurchSuite grants individual church members the ability to directly control which pieces of their contact information are visible through the  Privacy Settings section.

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Adjusting your privacy settings

It is important to remember that at no time, irrespective of the settings you choose here, will any contact details (or indeed any other information that you store in My ChurchSuite) be made visible to anyone outside of your church - only to others within your church community who have been granted access to My ChurchSuite. It should also be noted that your church’s Administrator also has the ability to determine which pieces of contact information are visible in My ChurchSuite.

There are three areas within My ChurchSuite in which fellow church members are able to see your contact details (name, contact phone numbers, email,, these are: My Groups, My Rotas and Search for Others. Whether these are all available to you will depend on the ChurchSuite modules your church uses and which areas of My ChurchSuite your church admin has enabled access to. If one of these areas is not accessible to you it will not appear in the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen.

Note: A rota or group email sent with "Send replies just to me" will always disclose the sender's email address in the reply-to field of the email so that replies are routed back to just the sender (irrespective of whether "email is visible in My ChurchSuite" has been set to not be visible - it's not possible to send an email requesting replies to "just me" and not have your email address disclosed! A rota or group email sent with "Send replies to me and all other [rota/group] members" will disclose the private rota/group email address in the reply-to field of the email so that replies are routed back to all rota/group members without disclosing all the rota/group member email addresses.

My Groups

My Groups contains the information of any small groups of which you are a member. Here your contact information (email, mobile and telephone numbers) will be visible as part of the list of all the members of that particular small group.

My Rotas

My Rotas allows you to quickly and easily view the rotas that you are due to serve on. Here your contact information (email, mobile and telephone numbers) will be visible on each of the rotas that you serve on, along with those of anyone else who serves as part of that rota.

In this section you are able to look up the contact details of others in your church; either by scrolling through the list of church members or by typing their name into the search box at the top of the page. In "Search for others", each person’s contact details (name, address, email, mobile and telephone numbers) are visible, along with a photo of the person. Clicking on the person’s name will take you through to a page which will contain all of these details, along with an embedded map of their address.

Adjusting your privacy settings

Your church members can manage their personal privacy settings in My ChurchSuite, allowing them to choose which contact information (if any) is visible to other church members within My ChurchSuite. Importantly, no child contact information is disclosed. Parents may be able to view and manage their own children's details if permitted in the Children module My ChurchSuite options.

In order to adjust privacy settings you must first go to the Home page. Here you will find the My Details section, which lists all of the personal information that is attached to your particular account. Click the 'Edit' button to the right of the My Details section.

Your Home page can only be viewed by you, so even if you set your personal information as being not visible elsewhere in My ChurchSuite, this will always remain visible to you on your Home page.

Clicking the ‘Edit’ button takes you to the ‘Edit Details’ page, where you are able alter and update your personal information (i.e. your name, phone numbers, address, etc). There, you will also find the ‘Privacy Settings’ section, which consists of a series of checkboxes. Which of these boxes are ticked will determine which pieces of your personal information is visible to other church members in My Church App in "Search for others".

Church members can also manage their "opt in/opt out" preferences for email and SMS communications sent to them through ChurchSuite. Selecting "No" (i.e. opting out) to receiving either SMS or emails will prevent them receiving these communications from your church through ChurchSuite. It may therefore be useful to explain the consequences of "opting out" to your church members.

There are Smart Tag conditions you can use to identify the "opt in/opt out" status of your Address Book contacts - "Receive email?" and "Receive SMS?".

Note about privacy settings

Whilst we are all familiar with managing our privacy settings in social networking environments, you may wish to consider carefully how you communicate these privacy settings to church members. Un-ticking settings (making personal information invisible to other church members) also means that those details will invisible to other team members or ministry overseers in My Rotas, and to other small group members and leaders in My Groups.

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