Using the statistics report to monitor changes in your Address Book over time

The "Address Book" (and "Children Module") > "Reports" > "Statistics" report is often overlooked, and yet it contains a wealth of useful data that is automatically tracked and recorded over time.

Primarily the Statistics report tracks the size of your Address Book contacts over time, logging a record in the report each month. Beyond overall contacts, the system also records a snapshot of the size of each of your Address Book module Tags too. For multi-site enabled churches, the statistics recorded are on a site-by-site basis, meaning you can view statistics for one particular site, or for all sites - just use the Site selector in the top-right corner ChurchSuite to toggle between 'All Sites' and a particular site.

Statistics are automatically recorded on the first of each month. This means that at any time, you can view the numerical change (growth or decline) in your Address Book size and Tags over time. You can filter the report by a range of dates and selection of Tags. You can also click on filtered Tags in the graph 'key' on the right hand side to hide certain tags from the graph if you wish.

In the Children module, the Statistics report works slightly differently; tracking and logging changes in your Children module Groups.

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