Managing the details of your child check-in visitors

With Child check-in its never been easier to securely enter, and retain, the details of any visiting children coming to your groups.

To see a list of all those visiting children simply head to the Visitors report in "Children" > "Reports" > "Visitors". This report will display all information entered about the visitor, including any medical information, parental contact details and any notes logged against the child.

Depending on the consent of visiting child's parents and/or your church's Data Protection policy, you may be able to add visiting children to your Children module. You can easily add a Visitor child to the Children module by selecting "Add child" from the cogwheel menu on the right-hand side of each child listed.

It's also possible to edit the child details of visiting children - perhaps to correct a spelling mistake or add in import medical information. Simply select "Edit visitor" from the cogwheel menu to the right of a visitor child in the list.

The Visitors report includes the ability to filter report results by either the number of visitor check-ins and/or when last checked-in. Click 'Generate' after changing your report filters.

The "Communicate" drop-down menu provide the option to send the Visitors report by email, or to communicate directly with Visitor parents by SMS or Email - perhaps to send a preset Email asking permission to add their contact details to your database. The Visitors report can also be downloaded in CSV or PDF formats.

Top Tip!

Although it's not possible to add a child visitor's parent directly in the Address Book in the same way, in cases where the parent does consent to having their details stored in the Address Book why don't you simply use the visitor's report to copy across their details into the Address Book. You could then use the Potential Parents Match report in "Children" > "Reports" to then link the child to them.

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