Using iCal feeds to subscribe to My Rotas

ChurchSuite makes it really easy to stay up-to-date with all of your serving commitments by allowing you to subscribe to an auto-updating iCal feed. You can use this iCal feed with all modern calendar applications such as Calendar on iOS and Mac, Google Calendar and recent versions of Outlook.

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Subscribing on iOS
Subscribing on Android
Subscribing with Google Calendar
Subscribing with Mac Calendar

For ChurchSuite users who want a separate iCal feed for church events in the Calendar module, please see our separate support article on Calendar iCal feeds.

Please note

Many calendar applications, such as Google Calendar, only refresh their feeds every 24 hours. ChurchSuite updates iCal feeds at least every 12 hours, but depending on the application you use, there may be a delay between being added/swapped to a rota and seeing this change in your calendar. If the updates do not show after 24 hours, then you may wish to check your calendar's 'auto-refresh' settings, and check it is refreshing at fairly regular intervals.

What information is included?

ChurchSuite will update your My Rotas iCal feed at least every 12 hours and will include dates going back up to 2 months and all future serving dates.


In My ChurchSuite, the iCal and Google calendar buttons are part of the "Next Serving" section of My Rotas and will therefore only be visible as an option if the serving team member has at least one 'next serving' date on one or more rotas. If the team member is not set to serve on an active rota on a future date, the iCal subscribe option will not be available.

Subscribing on iOS devices

Simply open up My ChurchSuite and head to My Rotas. Here you'll see an option at the top of the page to subscribe to 'iCal' or add to 'Google' calendar.

Clicking 'iCal' will display a message, asking for confirmation that you wish to subscribe. It's as easy as that!

The process for adding your rotas feed to a 'Google' calendar works in the same way.

Subscribing on Android devices

Unfortunately it's not possible to subscribe to an iCal feed from an Android device, however if you subscribe through Google Calendar, the data will be pushed through to your Android device. Simply follow the instructions outlined above for adding your My Rotas feed to Google Calendars.

Subscribing with Google Calendar

Setting up a My Rotas feed in Google Calendar can be done on either a Mac or Windows computer. Simply go to the My Rotas section of My ChurchSuite, and select the "Google" calendar button.

You may want to tidy up your calendar by changing its name or colour. This can be done by selecting the drop-down arrow that appears when hovering over your calendar; this will allow you to change the colour. Selecting 'Calendar settings' will also allow you to edit the calendar's name.

Subscribing with Mac Calendar

On a Mac it's really simple to get all your rotas included on the Calendar app. Open My ChurchSuite in a browser on your Mac. Then simply click the 'iCal' button on the My Rotas page. This will automatically open up the Mac Calendar and give you the option to subscribe. Click the 'Subscribe' button. You are then given the option to define how often the calendar refreshes. Note: ChurchSuite updates the iCal every 12 hours, so rota updates such as swaps may take a few hours before they appear.

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