Image resolution in My ChurchSuite

For best results we recommend that the resolution of your images does not fall below 1000px. We would suggest 1280x720 (for 16:9) or 1280x960 (for 4:3). Although HD photos are clearly more beautiful and fun, make sure that the file size of your image does not exceed 5 MB as this may cause issues with uploading!

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Event Images

Event images show up on the ‘My Events' page as 16:9 ratio images, and are presented at their original aspect ratio on the event page within My ChurchSuite.

To ensure that important information, or details, of the image are not cut out, or distorted when the image is displayed on the My Events page, make sure the image is saved in a 16:9 ratio (e.g. 1280x720px). For help in calculating the aspect ratio of your image use this handy calculator.

Small Group Images

Group images in 'My Groups' are shown at 4:3, the native aspect ratio of most photographic devices. For best results ensure that the image is saved in this ratio (e.g. 1280x960).

As with Event images, Group images will display in their original aspect ratio on the Group's individual page.

Ministry Images & My Rotas

Ministry images (uploaded in ChurchSuite > Rotas > Ministries) are shown at 4:3 ratio, the native aspect ratio of most photographic devices. For best results ensure that the image is saved in this ratio (e.g. 1280x960).

In My ChurchSuite, Ministry images are rendered at a 1:1 (square, taken from the centre of the image) in My Rotas. Care should be taken to ensure essential image content is in the centre of the image, rather than in the corners, as the image is clipped with a circular mask as shown below.

This is the finished, square, masked image as display in My Rotas.

When selecting a Rota in My Rotas, the Ministry's image displays in its original aspect ratio on the Rota individual pages.

My ChurchSuite Profile Images

With Photo upload enabled for My ChurchSuite in "Address Book" > "Settings" > "My ChurchSuite", your church members can upload a photo to their profile. From the My ChurchSuite Home page, locate the "My Details" section and click "Edit my details". Locate the Photo section on the "Details" tab (below) and click on the camera icon to browse for a prepared image...

The image is then uploaded...

Church members can replace or remove images at any time. 

Note about image requirements: 500px x 500px square images work best. Prepare your image first, before uploading, in order to avoid stretching, cropping or centring issues.

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