Adding a new giver

Through the giver profiles of your members you are able to manage their donations, pledges and Gift Aid reclaims (UK only) more easily. You can also maintain giver profiles for those who give to your church/organisation that are not part of the Address Book. We've produced a separate support article explaining how you can easily import your existing giver data into ChurchSuite, perhaps from a different system.

Within the Giving module, each giver has their own giver profile. From a giver's profile you can manage their Details, Donations, whether they've signed a Gift Aid Declarations (UK only), and any Pledges they've made.

Adding a new giver

Head into the Givers section of the Giving module and click Add giver. Note also the option in Import givers - this is covered in our related support article.

On the Add giver pop up, begin by selecting whether the new giver is In the Address Book - in which case you can search for and link to the giver's Address Book contact profile; this will also save you time by auto-populating all the giver profile's contact information...

...or select Not In the Address Book, to manually add the giver's contact information. The giver's First Name and Last Name are required fields. All other contact detail fields are optional (but may be required for a valid Gift Aid claim - UK customers only). You can also set the giver's communication options that determine whether the giver will Receive general emails and SMS when authored from within the Giving module (subject to your lawful basis for processing or whether explicit consent has been granted).

Continuing down pop up, you can optionally group givers using Tags. As you type in the tag search, suggestions are made from your existing tags, or type a new tag name and press <enter> to create the new tag - see the related support article for further information about Fixed Tags.

A Giver Reference is automatically assigned by ChurchSuite to each new giver, or one can be manually specified - perhaps based on your existing internal numbering system. The Giver Reference is required, must be unique, and be at least 3 characters in length in order to be searchable.

The Bank Reference is used to identify the giver when importing donations, perhaps from an imported bank statement - the reference of the statement is used to match against your giver profiles to determine which giver the imported donations are assigned to. You can enter multiple bank references by comma-separating them - for example, where a giver gives from different bank account. Where a giver's bank reference contains a comma, enclose the reference in quotation marks so that the system can correctly distinguish multiple bank references. See our related support article for further information about "Adding or importing donations".

By default, a giver profile represents an individual person. You can optionally set whether the giver profile represents a couple. Ticking Couple will display the couple details. If the giver profile is Not in the Address Book, the Spouse First Name and Spouse Last Name fields can be manually added. However, if the giver profile is In the Address Book, the Spouse First Name and Spouse Last Name is populated with the linked giver's spouse/partner name and cannot be edited. If the linked giver's spouse/partner is not in the Address Book, the linked giver cannot be a Couple giver. For UK customers only, you can also optionally specify the Gift Aid Split between the Giver and their Spouse - this will be dictated by the split stated on the Gift Aid declaration supplied by the givers.

Click Save to add the new giver profile. You can return to a giver's profile within the Givers section of the module at any time in the future, perhaps to make changes. Notice also the options on a giver's profile to add Notes about a giver, to Communicate with the giver being viewed, and the Print statement option to print a single statement of donations for the giver.

The newly-added giver is added to the Active section Givers list. Note the option to switch the View between Active and Archived givers. For multi-site customers, the list of givers is for the site being viewed - if you can't find the giver you are looking for, check that you are viewing the correct site or All Sites.

You can easily View, Edit, Archive or Delete a giver by using the Action menu shown above. An archived giver can be Set as active again (see below). A deleted giver is permanently deleted and cannot be reinstated. Deleting a giver will delete all their historic donations, declarations (UK only) and pledges. Deleting a giver will only delete the giver profile, not the linked contact in the Address Book. Givers with active or cancelled pledge subscriptions and (for UK customers only) those with donations included within a Gift Aid claim cannot be deleted - consider archiving the giver profile instead.

Notice also the options on the giver's profile to add Notes about a giver, to Communicate with the giver being viewed and the Print statement option to print a single statement of donations for the giver.

Giver reports

The Giving module's Reports section includes a number of helpful giver-related reports...

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