Managing default privacy settings for your Address Book contacts

You can set the default public communication settings (privacy settings) that new contacts are assigned when added to your Address Book. You can, of course, change the settings from the defaults on a contact-by-contact basis, and even make bulk changes to tagged groups of contacts or the entire Address Book - see related support article "Managing your My ChurchSuite communication options for large groups of contacts"

Setting default communication settings (privacy settings)

Go to the "Address Book" module options (cog-wheels in the top right corner). You'll need Manage module or Administrator permissions to do this.

Scroll down to the "Contact Communication" section. Here you can set the defaults that contacts will automatically be assigned when you add or import contacts into ChurchSuite.

Email & SMS 'Opt Out' status

Whilst you can manage the default communication settings that all new contacts will inherit when they are added to your Address Book, you cannot set the default 'opt out' status. By default, all new contacts are 'opted in' i.e. they can receive email and SMS. If however these settings are changed - either by a church member in My ChurchSuite, or by a user in ChurchSuite - these cannot then be overridden. Once flagged as 'opted out', no comms through ChurchSuite by that comms method will be possible until the flag is changed to 'opted in. It's worth checking your Data Protection policy reflects that your church 'opts' people in to receiving communication from the church by default; people can then opt out if they choose.

Data Protection and Privacy Tip!

The items that you make visible by default will be dependant on your church's Data Protection Policy and the "privacy" language you communicate to your people when they connect with your church. It's important that new contacts understand that their details will be entered onto a church database and that some of their details may be made visible to other church members. It's also important you tell them what information will be visible, to whom, and for what purpose.

In setting the default privacy settings, a good question to consider is, How would I feel about my contact details being made available to others in a church that I've newly attended/joined? What level of information is reasonable to share without my consent when I may not yet know anyone?

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