Communicate with ChurchSuite users using smart tags

We often get asked the best way to communicate with other Users. Whether it's for sharing blog articles from ChurchSuite that go to your account contact; or maybe you want to circulate some church ChurchSuite protocol changes - all this and more is possible.

Whilst it's possible to Tag contacts who are also Users (using a Fixed Tag), and then communicate with them - a better way is to use Smart Tags. Once you create a Smart Tag for Users, you can reference to it any time you want to communicate with fellow users. Here's how...

Go to the "Address Book" > "Tags" and create a new Tag. Toggle from a Fixed Tag to a Smart Tag. Give you Smart Tag a name - perhaps calling it, "MyChurchName ChurchSuite Users". Now add a new condition as follows:

Notice that the Module selected is "Administrator". In this example the condition will return Users of any user type. The condition options can be tailored to your needs - perhaps setting an option for a User Group and then specifying a particular group in the Value.

In this way you can construct a batch of conditions that returns all the Users you need. Matching "Any" condition will return a list of all the users who satisfy any one of the conditions. Toggling the match to "All" will restrict the list returned to those users who meet all the conditions.

Save your Smart Tag when you're done.

Communicating with Users in a Smart Tag

Using "Address Book" > "Communication" you can now choose to communicate by Tag and select your newly-created Smart Tag. Alternatively, you can use the "Communicate" option at the top of the Tag page to send an email or SMS.


Smart Tags are a function of the Address Book and therefore will only return contacts that exist in the Address Book. That means only Users linked to a contact will be returned in the Smart Tag results. Users that are not linked to a contact in the Address Book will not be included. This therefore means that any emails sent to your Smart Tag group will only go to Users with linked contacts. Unlinked Users will not receive your email.

As with all communication through ChurchSuite, emails to your Smart Tag contacts are logged in each linked contact's respective communication history, viewable from their contact page; and also in the "Address Book" > "Reports" > "Communication" report.

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