Communicate with ChurchSuite users using smart tags

Sometimes it's helpful to be able to communicate with other Users and Administrators - perhaps to share the latest ChurchSuite 'Updates' blog article or to circulate an internal policy change relating to your team's use of ChurchSuite.

While it's certainly possible to create a Fixed Tag of Address Book contacts who are Users - and then communicate with them using that Tag - a better way is to use a Smart Tag. A distinct advantage is that once Smart Tags are created, you can use it any time you want to communicate and the tag remains up to date to reflect the latest list of active Users. Here's how...

Working within the Address Book module's Tags section, click Add tag.

Give the new tag a suitable Name, optionally set the tag's Colour and Visibility, and select the Smart Tag.

Next, add a Smart Tag Condition as follows - notice the Module is 'Administrator'...

Other Smart Tag Conditions may also be helpful for further User smart tags; for example, this smart tag will result in a list of all Address Book contacts who are users in any one of the three specified user groups and anyone who is an Administrator.

Once you've added Conditions, click Save before navigating away from the page. You're now taken to the tag's "View" page.

Communicating with these users is now really easy. Select as appropriate from the Communicate button at the top of the tag's "View" page...


Smart Tags are a function of the Address Book and will therefore return matching contacts in the tag's results. This means that only Users linked to a contact will be returned in the Smart Tag results. Users that are not linked to a contact in the Address Book will not be included in the tag's results. Therefore communications sent to Users through a Smart Tag will only be sent to Users with linked contacts - unlinked Users will not receive the communication. In the following example, user gavin is linked to his underlying Address Book Contact but user Gavin_user is not linked.

All communications sent to contacts in an Address Book tag are logged in each contact's Communication log at the bottom of their Address Book profile page and also in the Address Book module's Communication report.

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