Resolving My ChurchSuite password issues

Members can easily change their My ChurchSuite password from the Login tab in the My Details section within My ChurchSuite.

If a member forgets their password they can request a reset email themselves from the My ChurchSuite login page. On the login page they will first need to enter their login email address. At the Password prompt stage they can click Forgotten Password?

Clicking Forgotten Password will require the user or member to enter their email address.

The email address entered must match the address on the system in order for the reset email to be sent.

Password reset emails are valid for 24 hours or until used, after which time they expire and cannot be used. In the event that a member requests multiple reset emails they must use the most recently received reset email - each new email invalidates previously-sent reset emails.

Within the Forgotten password request email is a reset link.

Clicking the reset link will open the password reset page. The new password must be a minimum 8 characters and contain at least one UPPERCASE letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Symbols are also permitted e.g. !$£%. The Confirm password must match the new Password.

Address Book module users can also issue a My ChurchSuite password reset for a member - perhaps where a member requests assistance from the office - by selecting Send password reset from the My ChurchSuite drop-down menu on the member's Address Book profile page.

What if family members share an email address?

My ChurchSuite can still be used by members who share an email address. When sending My ChurchSuite invitations a separate personalised invitation is sent to each contact that shares the email address, so each shared email address member can respond to their own invitation and create their own unique password. Passwords must be unique, otherwise the system is unable to determine which 'shared email address member' is logging in.

In the event that a 'shared email address member' requests a password reset (using the workflow above), all family members who share that email will receive a password reset email. Only the family member who has forgotten their password need respond - they must use the reset email that is personalised for them. The other reset request email(s) for the other family members can simply be ignored and deleted.

What if someone changes their email address...

If a member changes their email address their password remains unaffected and they can still log in to My ChurchSuite with their new email address and original password combination.

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