Data cleansing - duplicates, missing data, potential couples, gender check

ChurchSuite provides a number of data cleansing aids in the Address Book and Children module reports. In each respective module, click on the "Reports" menu and scroll down to section called "Data Cleansing".

Duplicate Contacts

This report identifies possible duplicate contacts in your Address Book. The accuracy of duplicate detection can be enhanced using the "Match on" filter. Within the Children module, this report is called "Duplicate Children" and it functions in exactly the same way.

Within the report, potential duplicates can be merged, or ignored (if they are not duplicates) - see our separate support article on merging duplicate contacts.

Full Details

The Full Details report generates a printable report showing all details held for contacts. This report can be used as a basis for contacts in your Address Book to be able to review the information you hold and provide a note of any updates or changes necessary.

Gender Check

This report provides a simple contact list for a filtered gender (sex), enabling you to quickly scan down the list, identify contacts with the wrong gender, and if any are incorrect, to "toggle" the gender to the correct one from within the report, without needing to edit contacts individually on their profile page.

Missing Data

This report enables you to quickly identify a list of contacts who have an empty/missing fields of data based on the criteria that you specify. From the drop-down box you can select between missing Address Line 1, Postcode, DOB, Mobile, Telephone, Email, Photo, Job and Employer. You can also match against missing data in Custom Fields (i.e. where a custom field has no data). Click "Generate" to refresh the list whenever you change the filter.

In the Children module, this report has options to match missing child's  DOB, child email, child mobile, linked parent, parent email, parent mobile, child postcode, child telephone and custom fields.

Potential Couples (Address Book module only)

Using name and address matching criteria, this report suggests potential couples in your Address Book, providing a quick and easy way to "link" couples.

Not in Gathering (Children module only)

This report builds a list of all children who are not part of a specific gathering and enables you to quickly add them to a gathering. A suggested group within the gathering will only be shown if the child has a valid date of birth and there is a group with matching entry/exit age criteria.

Potential Parent Match (Children module only)

Using name and address matching criteria, this report shows all children not currently linked to an Address Book parent who might have a contact match, with the option to link the child to a primary parent. The child is linked to the secondary parent based on the spouse/partner relationship of the primary parent.

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