Connecting your social media account to your My ChurchSuite account

By connecting Facebook or Twitter social logins to their My ChurchSuite account, church members can optionally log in using these social logins rather than their email address and password.

Setting this up is a church member process that they personally configure from within their own My ChurchSuite. Having logged in, scroll down to the My Details section and click "Edit".

From there, scrolling down once more to the very bottom of the screen, locate the "Social logins" section.

Follow the instructions for each social login integration. Here's an example for a Twitter integration:

Once "connected", your church members can simply click the "Login with ..." button on the My ChurchSuite home screen. You church members can also easily "Disconnect" their social login integration - either from within their social media application, or by returning to the "Social Logins" section of My Details and clicking "Disconnect"

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