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As we hope you're already experiencing, we've designed ChurchSuite to be intuitive and full of useful features and functionality to help manage the administration for a wide range of ministry areas.

For those needing a little extra help, or to visualise something before trying it, we've produced a comprehensive library of Support Articles full of step-by-step instructions, worked examples and top tips. You'll find answers to most questions, and many of the articles include short instructional videos that you can watch time and again or share with others on your team.

To help you further maximise your use of ChurchSuite we offer a range of free resources that you can easily access, wherever you're located:

Online Q&A webinars - sign up at

Free training videos -

User forums (the UK only) -

For customers who would like more ' hands-on' help, either getting started or embarking on more advanced projects using ChurchSuite's functionality, we can also provide training to help you and your team. Our trainers are all seasoned ChurchSuite experts, and most of our team have previously been in church leadership and continue to serve voluntarily in leadership roles in their respective churches. This means they bring not just technical know-how, but also experience and working knowledge of a church office environment, church teams, and the broader mission and ministry that the Church shares. The ChurchSuite team also have a breadth of experience from working with churches and charities, from a wide range of streams, denominations and networks.

UK Training

'On-site' training

We can provide on-site training at your location for you and your wider team and/or volunteer leaders. On-site training is reasonably priced and a great way to receive training in the areas that are relevant to your setting. On-site training enables you to have sessions for different groupings of teams/leaders/users, focussing on their areas of ministry. It's a great opportunity to ask every question you want to ask!

Our On-site training enquiry form includes full details about on-site training. If interested, simply complete the form, including one or two preferred dates (so that we can check trainer availability) and we'll send you a formal estimate of the cost.

International Customers

As much as we would love to travel to your amazing locations all around the world, we appreciate this isn't practical or economical! However, we would still like to try and help - perhaps running a training session online over Zoom for you and your team. To register your interest contact or go to the Contact Us page on our website.

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