Event sign-up confirmations

When people sign up for your events, a confirmation email is always sent to them confirming the personal data they submitted. However, it's possible to add your own custom confirmation email to which the 'system-embedded' content will be added. In this way, confirmation emails become a great opportunity to send important event information that your sign-ups may need when they attend - directions and car parking, your cancellation or refunds policy, a receipt (for paid for tickets), or maybe a message to promote other upcoming events.

Sending sign-up confirmation emails

Within the Calendar module, open the event's "Edit" page and scroll down to the section with 3 tabs - Tickets, Questions and Confirmation. Select the Confirmation tab.

Compose and customise your confirmation email, including setting the From Name, From Email and Subject; or select a Preset Email (if you have already created a template for a sign-up confirmation in). By using Merge Fields you can personalise the message your sign-ups receive. You can also add File Attachments. Save any changes to the event before leaving the page.

In the example above, notice that we've simply created a brief personalise message, but when the actual confirmation email is generated and sent, the message will also include full details of the event, the person's sign-up contact details (partially obfuscated), tickets, question responses, payment details (their receipt) and a QR code that can optionally be used as part of event check-in.

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