Sending an event sign-up confirmation email

When people sign up for your church's calendar events, a confirmation email is always sent to them confirming the personal data they submitted. However, it's also possible to further customise the confirmation email to which the 'system-embedded' content is added. In this way, confirmation emails provide a great opportunity to send important event information that your sign-ups may need when they attend - car parking, directions, your event cancellation policy, a receipt (for paid for tickets), contact details, or maybe to promote other upcoming events.

Sending sign-up confirmation emails

When creating a new event, or editing an existing event, scroll to the bottom of the Event Edit page to the sections titled Tickets, Questions, and Confirmation. Select the "Confirmation" tab.

The "Send confirmation email" is pre-ticked. You can now compose and customise your confirmation email, or you can select a Preset Email (if you have already created a template for event confirmations in "Administrator" > "Presets"). By using merge fields you can personalise your confirmation email. You can also add file attachments or embed HTML content.

Note that the sign-up's name and contact details, the event details, tickets, sign-up question responses and any are automatically added to the end of your confirmation email when it is sent.

Click to save any changes made before leaving the page.

The final styled/branded confirmation email that your sign-ups receive include full details of the event, their sign-up name and contact details submitted (contact details are obfuscated), tickets selected, any payment details, event question responses and a QR code that can be used for event check-in scanning.

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