Suggesting a new ChurchSuite feature

At ChurchSuite we firmly believe in developing real solutions that help churches in ministry. Much of the development we have already undertaken has been customer driven; and so we love hearing feedback on how ChurchSuite is working (or maybe not working as well as it could) in your church or area of ministry.

If you have ideas that will

  • improve/enhance existing functionality,
  • bring new functionality that you think will benefit others, or
  • will improve our support articles or communications,

then we would love to hear from you. Each and every idea we receive is hugely valued, big or small, and we regularly devote time to reviewing and considering these in our creative development discussions and planning meetings.

So if you have an idea, just send it through by email to

Or, you can use the "Contact Us" form, here.

It will help too if you begin your email title with 'Suggestion". We'll certainly acknowledge receipt of your idea, but please understand that we may not be able to given a definite yes (or no) to your idea straight away. We'll also be unable to provide a guaranteed timeframe for when your idea will be developed - this will be subject to existing priorities and focusses already in the development schedule. Certainly, where there is a growing number of similar requests from other customers, this will drive our development priorities further.

Thank you,

The ChurchSuite team.

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