Managing small group categories with tags

Independent of the "people tag" functionality of other modules, you can optionally group small groups by Tag and therefore bulk communicate with members of groups within those Group Tags. This may be useful where you wish to group together certain types of group e.g. "prayer groups", "outreach groups", "social action groups". Group Tags can also be used as filters when viewing reports in the Small Groups module, and Group Tags can be used to filter lists of groups when viewing the Connect > Group List and Small Group Embed lists.

How to create a group tag

Go to Small Groups > Tags and select Add tag.

Give your group tag a suitable Name, set an optional tag Colour (for easier visual categorisation of tags) and set the Visibility of your tag. Then simply click to add Groups to the Tagged Groups box using the Add button. Save your changes before navigating away from the page.

Managing group tags

Go to "Small Groups" > "Tags". When viewing a Group Tag, note how you can switch the Tag to show archived, active or future groups within a Tag. Click Update  to refresh the group list when changing filters.

Communicating with the small groups in a group tag

You can easily communicate with all the groups within a group tag - either to the group members or just those in a particular role. Begin by selecting By Tags and clicking the groups tag(s) you wish to communicate with, and then switch between communicating with All Members or By Role.

Using group tags as report filters

Once you have created some group tags, they can be used as filters in reports in the Small Groups module. In this example the Group Members report is being filtered by groups in the "Beeston Groups" group tag.

Group tags can also be used conditions with Smart Tags.

Using group tags as filters in Connect and Embed

Group tags can be used as a helpful filters in Connect > Group List, to help people search certain you group categories based on your tags. For example, you might create tags for "Groups for Men" and "Groups for Women" and "Groups for Families" and then tag each small group as appropriate - a small group can have more than one tag. The tag filter can be disabled in the Small Group module settings on the Connect tab.

The same principle applies to any embedded list or map of small groups you might deploy to your website. To enable the group tag filter in Embed you'll need to customise the embed code using the embed code generator in the Small Group module settings on the Embed tab (shown below).

Click on the "Customise" button for maps or lists and there you can customise the embed code and optionally enabling the group tag filter (and Day and Site filters if you wish).

When you save the "customise embed html" page, your embed code can then be copied and pasted into the source code section of a page on your website.

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