Managing small group capacity

You can easily manage the Capacity of small groups, effectively allowing you to cap groups when they are full and encourage people to consider other groups. Group capacity isn't just about optimum group sizes or venue size constraints; it can also increase engagement during sign up periods!

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Setting a small group's capacity
Monitoring small group capacity and sign up progress


For those using the Activate small group model (created by Nelson Searcey), greater small group engagement is encouraged by setting group capacity restrictions that encourage people to sign up quickly before their desired group fills up. It's also great for newer people to have a visual indicator of the size and capacity status of a group when they're choosing a group - they might be less inclined to sign up to an empty group.

Once the group's sign up capacity is reached, no further signups will be possible and the group page will show that This group is full.

Small Groups module Users are always able to add members, even if the group capacity has been reached - a Capacity message is displayed alerting the User to the group being over capacity but with the option to Ignore capacity and proceed.

Similarly, Users of other modules using the Add to group action available on contact profile pages, tag pages and contact batch actions, are also able to optionally Ignore capacity and proceed.

Note: A 'capacity' warning is not provided when an Add to group action is processed within a Flow - contacts being processed through the Flow are added without restriction or warning.

Setting a small group's capacity

Small group capacity can only be set for groups that have sign up enabled. On the Edit group pop-up, scroll down to the Sign Up section and check that at least Sign up through Group page is enabled, although other sign-up options can also be ticked as appropriate. If you want people to sign up to the group it will need to be visible too, so tick the group's Visibility settings as appropriate.

In the Sign Up section, specify the range of Dates within which group sign-up will be open - a start date is required but an optional end date will keep sign-up open indefinitely. Now, set the group Capacity as appropriate. Once a group's sign up capacity is reached, no further sign ups will be possible - the group will show as being 'full' on the group page.

Before saving the group, note the other sign up option that determine when the group's Member List is visible to the group's members in My ChurchSuite and the default Member Status that determines whether sign-ups are added to the group with an Active or Pending status. Pending status group members will need to be set active in the group - this can be done by a Small Groups module User or a group member with Edit Group Details roles permissions, typically assigned to a group leader.

Repeat for each of your small groups.

Now, when people sign up to the group in My ChurchSuite, they'll either see a Sign-up button...

or, if the group is full they'll see a This group is now full message.

Similarly, if someone is signing up through the Connect Group List or small group Embed, groups that have reached capacity will be clearly shown.

We continue to display groups, even if they are full, otherwise people will not see a clear picture of your small group ministry, perhaps thinking there are only one or two small groups, when in fact you actually have many small groups but all but two of them are full!

Monitoring small group capacity and sign up progress

In the Small Groups module's Reports section is a helpful Capacity report that provides a concise and quick visual report on how group sign up is progressing. Optionally filter the report to just see certain groups in Group Tags or Clusters - remember to hit Generate to apply the filters.

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