Adding unlinked givers to your Address Book

It's not uncommon for people to begin giving long before they fully connect with you. You may have Not in the Address Book givers that you will later want to add to the Address Book.

Where your data protection policy provides a lawful basis, or with consent from the giver, you can add an unlinked giver to the Address Book without re-entering all the contact information already held on their giver profile. This will be helpful if you wish to provide a new giver with My ChurchSuite access since My ChurchSuite invitations can only be sent to Address Book contacts. Here's how...

Before adding the giver as a new contact, you should first check the contact doesn't already exist in the Address Book, in which case you can Edit the giver and link them, otherwise select Add giver as contact from the More actions menu.

The Add contact pop-up opens with the giver's existing details populated into the form. Work down the fields on the pop-up to add any further details known (with permission), including any required fields. Click Save to complete the process.

The giver profile updates to reflect the profile is now linked to a contact In the Address Book.

Top Tip! Compliance best practice

Organisations processing personal data for UK/EU citizens and subject to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (or the UK's enactment of the GDPR under the Data Protection Act 2018), you may wish to review the giver's communication options before adding their details to your Address Book. For example, within the Giving module, the unlinked giver may have received communications because there was a legitimate interest or legal obligation lawful basis for processing. However, as an Address Book contact, your organisation's communications are likely to cover broader purposes and may be subject to consent.

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