Support for tax-deductible giving

For churches in North America (US and Canada) and Hong Kong, ChurchSuite's Giving module supports tax-deductible giving. You can specify whether a donation is tax deductible or not, and even set the default tax-deductible fund status. Tax-deductible terminology also carries through to Statements of Donations and to My ChurchSuite.

The full functionality of the Giving module is set out in our other support articles. Detailed below are the discreet visual and functionality differences that specifically relate to localisation for churches in supported countries.

When viewing a giver profile, the tax-deductible status of donations are shown.

Similarly, when adding new donations (or importing batches of donations), you can select whether a donation is tax deductible.

Where a donation method is set as "Check", an optional "Check number" field is displayed.

You can set the default 'tax deductible' status on a fund-by-fund basis, allowing you to easily manage non-tax deductible revenue streams in your Giving module too. Go to Giving > Funds, select a fund and click "Edit fund". You can then tick to set the default tax deductible status of that fund. For example, your General Offering fund will likely have the 'Tax Deductible' default checked/ticked, but a fund for Wedding Services (which is a service provided by the church, rather than a donation), will likely have the 'Tax Deductible' status unchecked/unticked. Then, when processing revenue against your funds, ChurchSuite will auto-set the tax-deductible status of the amount at the point of entry.

This default pulls through to the "add donation" page so that whenever a donation is added for that fund, the default tax deductible status is set automatically. This default can of course be overridden at the point of entering a donation as required, but essentially this option will save you time when adding donations for funds that are always tax deductible.

Annual statements of donations

When printing annual statements of donations, you can add custom wording to your Donations Statements to comply with local legal requirements for gift receipts.

Go to the Giving module options via the cog-wheels in the top-right corner of the module. You'll need Manage module or Administrator permission to do this.

In the module options, use the Statement of Donations field to enter custom content for your statements. By inserting communication merge fields (see related article), you can customise your Statements to include all information required for annual filing (e.g. address, "free of product/services" disclaimer etc.). Save your changes before navigating away from the page.

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