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Adding a batch
Adding donations to a batch
Working with batches

Whenever donations are imported into the Giving module, they are done so as a batch. However, it is also possible to add batches manually, perhaps to process your weekly offering/collection into the Giving module. With batches, donations can be grouped together. Batches can also be a helpful way of cross-referencing donations to your accounting records.

Adding a batch

Go to Giving > Batches and click Add batch.

Switch between creating a new batch or add to an existing batch (see next section). Select Create new batch. Give your batch a name and enter the batch donation date. You can set Fund and giving Method defaults, which can be overridden later when adding donations, if you wish.

In the lower half of the page, begin to add each batch donation, starting by searching for a giver to add a donation for.

When searching for the giver name, ChurchSuite will auto-suggest as you begin to type. Select a giver from the list, or select to add a new giver.

Continue by completing the remaining donation details. Continue this process of searching for each giver and adding the donation details for each donation in your batch.

Notice the visual indicator alerting you to the presence or absence of a valid Gift Aid declaration covering the donation being added (UK churches only).

When you are finished adding donations to the batch, save your batch changes. The batch summary is displayed (below). The summary information includes a breakdown of Funds and giving Methods - making it super easy for your finance teams to reconcile back to their paperwork and produce accounting journals. The batch summary can also be downloaded as a CSV or PDF file or printed. Beneath the batch summary information is a line-listing of the donations in the batch - everything your finance teams need!

Adding donations to a batch

You can easily add donations to an existing batch of donations through the Giving module.

Either from the Donations index list (above), or the Batches section (below), locate your batch - you can also use the Search facility to search for a particular batch name - the search results will auto-filter as you begin to type a partial batch name...

...and click through to the batch details by clicking on the #Batch number.

Click Add to batch.

Note that you can also add a custom batch name, perhaps to make clearer what the batch relates to. Here you can search by giver and add additional donations to the batch. Save any changes made before leaving the page and to see your added donations in the batch.

Working with batches

Batches are an incredibly useful way for churches to group the donations they are recording - perhaps to record a Sunday offering as a batch. Working with batches also allows finance teams and book-keepers to use the batch summary information to aid with bank/cash reconciliations, and produce a convenient batch report for audit trail and posting journals to church accounting systems.

Importantly, ChurchSuite retains a complete audit trail of batch changes. If, for example, you delete a donation in a batch, the deleted donation record remains present in the batch and the batch summary totals are adjusted to reflect the changes.

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