Duplicating a booking

There are many reasons why you may want to duplicate a booking; you may create a booking for a single date, but later decide that you want to create a sequence of bookings off the back of it, or you simply might want to create a similar booking and duplicating it is just a real time saver. Whatever the reason, rest assured, it's really easy!

To duplicate a booking firstly locate your original Booking in "Bookings" > "Bookings". Then, from the buttons at the top of the page, simply click 'Duplicate booking'.

This will then take you to the 'Add Booking' screen and will autofill the details of your original booking. Adjust as many of the details as you want. If you want to create a booking sequence, simply ensure that multiple dates are added - you can use the "multi-date" tool to generate sequences of dates, or add multiple single dates if your sequence doesn't follow a set pattern. Note, for bookings linked to events, you will need to unlink the booking from the suggested event and re-link it to the correct event.

Once you've reviewed the resources and resource booking times, click 'Save changes' and you're done. It's as easy as that!

Please note: As you have simply duplicated the original booking details, the original booking itself will not be included in the Booking sequence. To ensure all dates are included in your sequence, make sure you include the original booking's date when duplicating. This will cause a clash notification to appear. Once you have created the booking sequence which includes the original date, simply go to "Bookings" > "Bookings" and delete the original, non-sequenced, booking.

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