Adding event sign-ups to a flow

Flows are a great way to manage repetitive "people-processing" admin tasks and stay on top of who is at each stage in your processes; triggering reminder notifications when tasks become due for each person. For example, the DBS application process, which has lots of stages of actions before completion. Flows are also especially useful where you want to follow up with those who have participated in one of your events.

In this article we describe the Add to flow action on the Sign-Ups tab of an event's "View" page in the Calendar module, but note also the option to Add to flow on the event's Invites tab and Check-Ins tabs too. For example, you may prefer to only process those who have actually attended (checked-in) the event.

For further information about Flows see the related support article.


Only active people already in your Address Book or Children module can be added to a Flow. Event sign-ups by those not yet in ChurchSuite must first be added to the Address Book or Children module in order to be processed into your Flows. Subject to your organisation's Data Protection policy, and where you have a lawful basis for processing, it's easy to add those not yet in ChurchSuite to your Address Book and Children modules. Click the Action menu and then choose Add child to add a sign-up to the Children module or Add contact to add the contact to the Address Book. Once sign-ups have been added to ChurchSuite, they too can be added to a Flow as described in the article below.

Since people can only be added to a Flow once, you can safely use the Add to flow action described below for a list of sign-ups and only those not already in the flow will be added - those already in the selected Flow will be ignored.

From the event's "View" page in the Calendar module, scroll down to the Sign-Ups tab (or Invites tab or Check-Ins tab). Select Add to flow from the Add drop-down menu.

The Add to flow pop up provides options to further filter who is to added to the Flow, perhaps filtering just those with a particular sign-up Status, or who have provided a certain Question responses, or those who have Signed up between certain dates or to certain Tickets. Filter as appropriate - or leave the filters unchanged to select all active sign-ups. Click Proceed.

Next, select the Flow and Stage into which the selected People are to be added. By default people are added to the first Stage of a Flow, but you can optionally override this and select to add to a different Stage. You can also search for and select other People to be added. When you are finished with your selection click Add to Flow to finish.

Those added will now show in the appropriate Stage of the selected Flow.

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