Filtering birthdays, bookings and leave on your calendar

Being able to filter the Calendar module's Calendar is a useful feature in busy churches where there's lots happening.

When viewing the Calendar you can apply a Filter to the change which Categories of events to view (or not view) - perhaps to simply view all your children events or your discipleship events.

It's also possible to filter system Presets, like [user] Birthdays, [user] Leave, and Bookings (i.e. bookings that have the Show on Calendar option selected on the booking).

For example, filtering Bookings will hide all Events, Leave and Birthdays, and just show Bookings - notice also how bookings are further distinguished with a B in front of the booking name.

It's not possible to show Birthdays for Address Book contacts, however, where a User's account is linked to their underlying Address Book profile with a date of birth, their Birthday is shown in the Calendar - never forget a staff member's birthday again!

Note that if multiple User accounts are linked to the same Address Book contact - for example, if a staff member has more than one User account - a birthday entry is shown for each user account.

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