Accounting for school year offsets

Ordinarily, the Children module displays a child's school year based on their date of birth, and in the correct class/grade system of your region/country.


We display school years in the local format for the following locations: Great Britain (with specific support for Scotland and Northern Ireland separately), Australia (all regions), Canada, France, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland and the USA.

However, there may be times where it's helpful to override the default Children Group membership based on a child's date of birth. Perhaps the child has special needs and a parent has asked if they can be held back into a group for younger children. Or maybe you want to accommodate a parent who wishes their child to be kept with a friend whose birthday falls into the next school.

ChurchSuite provides a "School Year Offset" feature within Children profiles in the Children Module, which allows you to adjust the year the child is calculated to be part of based on their date of birth.

Deferring a school year

For churches where parents have the option to defer starting school for their children, this offset feature will allow you to ensure your children records show children in the correct Year/Grade.

In "Children Module" > "Children", click on a child contact to view their profile. Click "Edit child" and scroll down to the School Year Offset section (see image below).

By default, child contacts have "no offset", so their date of birth is used in determining their eligibility for Children's groups.

You can now select from the drop-down menu to adjust the year +-1 year or +-2 years. For example, +1 year has the effect of making the child seem a year older, and therefore eligible for your kids or youth groups sooner.

Note: Adding a school year offset has no effect on date of birth when calculating a child's birthday, as shown in the Birthday report.

Making a "one time" change of Group during Check-in

This offset feature is intended to provide a change for an ongoing period of time. It is still possible to provide "one-time" override of Children groups during Child Check-In by using the administrator PIN on the Children Check-in "child search" page, in order to display a drop-down list of available Groups in the Gathering, and selecting a different Group from the default group.

In this example, James is in the "Explore" group. Clicking "Unlock", James can now be "one time" checked in to a different group by selecting from the drop-down list. Once you've selected a group, click "Lock" to record the change and then proceed with Check-in as normal.

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