Adding event sign-ups to a key date

When viewing a contact or child's profile page you can easily view their recent event sign-up history. However, for certain significant events in the life of your church, it can also be helpful to record a Key Date of their participation. Key Dates are a useful way of maintaining a list of significant dates and milestones as people engage with your church - perhaps the date someone attended an Alpha Course or a training event, or the date they were accredited with a qualification or became certified (e.g. DBS). Essentially a person's Key Dates history is their discipleship journey from the date they first connected with your church to the present day. And Key Dates are especially powerful when used as conditions in Smart Tags - ideal for drilling down into your data to identify those who have (or don't have) certain key dates, perhaps in combination with other Smart Tag criteria.

With this in mind, after certain significant events have taken place, a useful administration practice is to record a key date for all those who signed up or attended. For example, if you run a training event, logging people's participation with a Key Date will make it much easier to identify when those people need a refresher after a certain period of time; or to identify those who have not yet received that training. You'll likely only record key dates for significant events, rather than every event.

In this article we describe the Add to key date action on the Sign-Ups tab of an event's "View" page in the Calendar module, but note also the option to Add to key date on the Invites and Check-Ins tabs too. For example, you may prefer to only assign a key date to those people who have actually attended (checked in to) the event.

For further information about Key Dates see the related support article.


Key Dates are only maintained for those in your Address Book and Children modules. Event sign-ups by people not yet in ChurchSuite must first be added to the Address Book or Children module, as appropriate. Subject to your Data Protection policy, and where you have a lawful basis for processing, it's easy to add people not yet in ChurchSuite to your other modules. Use the Action menu to select Add child to add a sign-up to the Children module or Add contact to add someone to the Address Book. Once they have been added to ChurchSuite, they too can have key dates assigned as described in the article below.

Unlike Flows and Tags, where a person can only be active in a Flow once or assigned to a Tag once, the Add to key date action described in this article will add a new key date instance against the selected people each time you run the action. Consequently, to avoid unnecessary duplicates, you will likely only run the Add to key date action for each event once, perhaps after the event has taken place, when the Sign-Ups or Check-Ins list isn't going to change.

From the event's "View" page in the Calendar module, scroll down the page to the Sign-Ups tab (or Invites or Check-Ins tab). Select Add to key date from the Add drop-down menu.

The Add to key date pop up provides options to further filter who is to be assigned a key date, perhaps filtering just those who have provided a certain response to one of your event Questions, or those who have Signed up between certain dates or to certain Tickets. Filter as appropriate or leave the filters unchanged to select all sign ups. Click Proceed.

Next, search for and select the key date Name to be assigned to the selected People. The search box will auto-suggest from your existing key dates as you begin to type; or type a new key date name and press <Enter> to create it. Set the Date of the key date to be assigned and optionally enter a key date Description. You can also search for and select other People to be added. When you are finished with your selection click Add to Key Date to finish.

Now, when viewing a person's profile page in the Address Book or Children module, those added key date instances will be listed in their Key Dates history.

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