Adding event sign-ups to a key date

ChurchSuite retains a history of event sign-up against all your contacts. It is also possible to record a Key Date  for your event sign-ups.

For example, if you run a training event, you might log your contacts' participation in Key Dates so that you can later report against Key Date to see when training skills needs to be renewed - perhaps to then invite them to a refresher course.

ChurchSuite makes it really easy to do that direct from your "Calendar" > "Events" page. Simply select your event and scroll down to the sign-up section. From the "Add" drop-down menu, select "Add to key date".

Note: Key Dates are recorded for both Address Book and Children contacts respectively. Sign-ups not in your Address Book or Children module are obviously not recorded with a Key Date - add them to the Address Book first, and then run the "Add to key date" routine.

Now enter the Key Date date you want to record (perhaps the event date), type in the Key Date name (ChurchSuite will auto-suggest existing Key Date names as you type, or it will create a new one if it doesn't exist). Type an optional description - perhaps what the training covered. Click "Save". ChurchSuite will confirm the addition.

Your newly added Key Dates now show in each contact's profile in the Key Date section (see Youth Training in the example below).

You can manage and report on Key Dates further in "Address Book" > "Reports" > "Key Dates" and "Address Book" > "Key Dates" (Also in the Children module).

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