Adding event sign-ups to a tag

Tags enable you to create custom groupings of people within a module - perhaps a "Leader" tag grouping together all your leaders, or a "Potential newcomer dinner invitees" tag representing those who are to be sent an invitation to your next newcomer event. Tags are especially helpful when filtering the results of a report or directing a communication to just a certain tagged grouping of people. It can also sometimes be helpful to group together all those who have signed up to an event, or perhaps to group together all those who were invited to an event but didn't sign up, or signed up but didn't attend. Once tagged there's all sorts of things you can do with a tagged grouping of people.

In this article we describe the Add to tag action on the Sign-Ups tab of an event's "View" page in the Calendar module, but note also the option to Add to tag on the Invites and Check-Ins tabs too. For example, you may prefer to only assign those people who have actually attended (checked in to) the event to a Tag.

For further information about Tags see the related support article.


Only active people already in your Address Book or Children module can be assigned to a Tag. Event sign-ups by people not yet in ChurchSuite must first be added to the Address Book or Children module, as appropriate. Subject to your Data Protection policy, and where you have a lawful basis for processing, it's easy to add people not yet in ChurchSuite to your other modules. Use the Action menu to select Add child to add a sign-up to the Children module or Add contact to add someone to the Address Book. Once they have been added to ChurchSuite, they too can be assigned to a Tag as described in the article below.

Since people can only be added to a Tag once, you can safely use the Add to tag action described below for a list of sign-ups and only those not already in the tag will be added - those already in the selected Tag will be ignored.

Tags can exist in the Address Book and Children module. When assigning a list of contacts and children to a Tag, they are assigned in to the Tag that exists in the appropriate module (or a new Tag for that module will be created)

From the event's "View" page in the Calendar module, scroll down the page to the Sign-Ups tab (or Invites or Check-Ins tab). Select Add to tag from the Add drop-down menu.

The Add to tag pop up provides options to further filter who is to added to the Tag, perhaps filtering just those who have provided a certain response to one of your event Questions, or those who have Signed up between certain dates or to certain Tickets. Filter as appropriate or leave the filters unchanged to select all sign ups. Click Proceed.

Next, select the Tag into which the selected People are to be added. You can also search for and select other People to be added. The search box will auto-suggest from your existing tags as you begin to type; or type a new Tag name and press <Enter> to create it.

When you are finished with your selection click Add to Tag to finish.

Now, when viewing a contact or child's profile you'll see your newly-assigned Tag.

You can further manage Tags in the Tags section of the Address Book and Children modules.

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