Utilising notes within the Bookings module

Notes are a really important feature in ChurchSuite, providing an opportunity to clearly and comprehensively record important information. But more than that, Notes also provide a helpful way of restricting the visibility of information to specific users, or just those who need to know.

Notes can easily be added against any booking in the Booking module.

Begin by selecting a Booking and click 'Add Note'. Enter the information and then set the visibility - either to to all module users (the default), just yourself, or to a specific User Group using the drop down menu.

Having added a Note, you also have the option of 'pinning' a Note to the top of the list. Pinned notes always stay at the top of the list so that your important notes always get seen! Pinned notes can also be unpinned if needed. Once unpinned they take their place back in the date order of your other notes.

Please Note: You can only restrict visibility to groups that you belong to. If the group which you need to restrict visibility to does not show up then make sure you are a User in that User Group by going to "Administrator" > "Groups" - you will need Administrator permissions to access the Administrator menu.

You'll be able to see all notes entered against Bookings in the Notes report in "Bookings" > "Reports" > "Notes". The report displays a link to the particular Booking along with the complete details of the note.

What's more, you can also filter the report based on the User who created the note, or the User Group who it was made visible to! Especially in situations where you have created a particular User Group to collect specific information this can be a really useful tool for tracking trends or seeing an overview of particular information.

Top Tip!

Why don't you create a User Group for 'Booking Footfall' and 'Booking Income' and then easily record the number of people who actually attended a booking, and, if applicable, the income made from the Booking. Add these bits of information to separate notes and then restrict their visibility to the respective User Groups. Using the Notes report you'll then be able to filter based on 'Footfall' or 'Income' and quickly see just those records. Making data driven decision on allocating your facilities has never been easier!

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