Identifying children not in a gathering

Although the 'Process group feature' is a really useful way to get all your children in the right groups, it will only work if a child is already in a gathering. Assigning children to a Gathering is easy, but how can you quickly identify those children not assigned to Groups or Gatherings? The "Not in Gathering" report will not only identify those children; it will also allow you to add them to their appropriate Group within a Gathering. Here's how:

Go to "Children" > "Reports" > "Not in Gathering" (In the 'Data Cleansing" report section at the bottom of the page).

The report will show all the children who are not part of a particular Gathering. You can filter the report to show a particular Gathering using the "drop-down" menu.

Often the reason a Child isn't included in a Gathering is because they aren't eligible for age or schooling reasons. ChurchSuite therefore looks at the qualifying criteria of a Gathering and produces a handy link for all those who satisfy the entry requirements. This then allows you, in one click, to add those who should be in a Gathering, into the correct Gathering and Group.

In situations where you want to add a child into a Gathering to which they don't actually meet the entry requirements simply use the report to click on their names then manually add them to the relevant Gathering and Group through "Edit child".

Please note: If a child does not have a date of birth specified, the system will treat them as 0 years old for the purposes of the 'Not in Gathering' report. This may mean that the appropriate group within a Gathering is not auto-suggested.

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