Identifying children not in a gathering

The Process group feature is a really useful way to move children into their correct groups as they get older, but it will only work for children that are already in the gathering that you're processing groups for.

Assigning children to a gathering - perhaps where families join your church - is easy, but how can you quickly identify those children not yet assigned to any group for each of your gatherings?

The Not in Gathering report will not only identify those children; it will also enable you to add them to their appropriate group at the click of a button. Here's how...

Head into the Children module's Reports section and open the Not in Gathering report found in the Data Cleansing reports.

The report will need to be filtered for each of gathering in turn - click Generate to see a list of matching children not in any group in the selected Gathering.

In the example below there are 22 matching children not in the selected Gathering. Using each child's date of birth, the report provides a clickable Suggested Group based on the group entry criteria for the selected gathering. If a child's data doesn't include a date of birth ChurchSuite is unable to determine their age and therefore unable to suggest their group. You will either need to add the missing date of birth, or if the child's group is known, you will need to manually add the child to that group's member list.

Clicking on the Add to [group] button in the Suggested Group column will immediately add that child to that group - confirmed by Added now showing in the list for that child.

Repeat the above steps for each of your other gatherings.

Note that it is not necessary to add every child into a group in every gathering. For example, you may have young people that are only part of your mid-week "Youth Club" gathering who do not need to be added to your "Sunday morning service" gathering. Note also that children not in a particular gathering will be auto-added to that gathering when they check in to the gathering through the Child Check-In system, so a mid-week youth club child will be assigned to the correct Sunday service group when they check in for the first time.

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