How to restrict the visibility of notes by user group

When delivering pastoral care to your church members it is often the case that you would want to record Notes of your visits or conversations to ensure that you have a record of the pastoral care that each of your contacts receive. It may also be helpful for sharing information about your contacts with other users. However, some notes may be confidential, so you may want to restrict visibility of these notes to certain users. That's where User Groups come in.

ChurchSuite allows you to restrict the visibility of Notes made against a contact in the Address Book, Children module and Giving module; but also for notes made against small groups, calendar events and bookings, so that they can only be seen by those users that are members of particular User Group. Then at the point of recording a note you have the option to set the note visibility - either to "All users" (the default), "Just me" (visible on the note author), or to a particular "User Group".

Creating a User Group

To create your User Group you would begin by going to "Administrator" > "Groups" > Click "Add user group". You'll need Administrator permission to access this.

Next, enter a Name for your user group. You can also set a "From Name:" and "Email" for your users group, which will allow any users in that group to send emails from the User Group email address.

In the "Users" column, select the users that you want to include in your user group, then click "Add" to move them to the "Users within Group" column (make sure that your own User is one of them).

Once you're happy with your selection, click "Save Changes".

Deleting a User Group


Before deleting a User Group, consider whether any Notes, Tags or Flows have their visibility restricted to just that User Group. If you proceed with deleting the User Group, no users or administrators will be able to view those tags, notes or flows - they will be hidden from view. This is intentional in order to respect the original visibility restrictions that were intended to ensure privacy of those items.

Before deleting a User Group, update the visibility restrictions of your Notes, Tags and Flows - either to "All Users", "Just me" or to an alternative User Group; then proceed with the group deletion.

Once a User Group is deleted, only the ChurchSuite support team can restore the visibility of those hidden tags/notes/flows.

Restricting the visibility of a Note

Now, when adding a note against a contact (or a small group, booking, giver, or calendar event) you can select the note visibility, choosing your new user group from the drop-down list. Only users who are part of that user group will be able to view this note.

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