Resetting a user's password


Password reset emails are only valid for 24 hours, after which they cease to work. If multiple password reset emails have been requested/received, only the most recent email will be valid - each new reset email invalidates all previous reset emails.

In the event of a user forgetting their password, a password reset email can be requested. This can be done in one of two ways... 

The User requests their own password reset

A user can request their own password reset by selecting the "Help! I've forgotten my password" option on their ChurchSuite login screen...

...and entering either their Username or the User Email Address (not their Address Book email address, which may be different). Be sure to select to reset the password for ChurchSuite (not My ChurchSuite or Connect)...

The password reset email is sent to the user's email address (which may be different to the user's Address Book email address).

An administrator sends a password reset

Alternatively, an Administrator user is able to send a password reset email from the Users section within the Administrator menu. You will need Administrator permissions in order to reset the password of another User. Begin by going to the "Administrator" menu in the top-right corner of ChurchSuite.

From the "Users" list click on the Username of the user for whom you wish to reset the password. On their user account page, click "Send password reset". A password reset email will be sent to to the User's email address.

A 'success' message confirms that an password reset email has been sent to the user's email address.

User password reset requests are logged in the User's communication log in the User area. In the example below, George's "Recent Activity" section shows that the user "paul" (an Administrator) sent George a password reset email. George also requested his own password reset (designated by the log entry for user "churchsuite").

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