Managing student details

Ordinarily, the Address Book contains contact information that can include a home address. However, ChurchSuite also includes optional Student details fields so that you can keep track of a student's University/College accommodation address and course details, as well as the home address where they return during the holidays.

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Adding student details
Student details smart tag conditions
Student details reporting

How to enable the student details fields

Head into the Address Book module's settings via the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner of the module.

On the Module Options tab scroll down and enable the Student Details option - click Edit to make changes.

Adding student details

Having enabled the Student Details fields in the Address Book module's settings, these fields are now editable on a contact's profile "Edit" pop-up. The student's standard address fields can now be used to optionally maintain the home address they return to during holiday times, and the Student Details can be used for their term time accommodation, such as a hall of residence or student lodging address. You can also record details of their University or College name, their Course, and their course Start Year and End Year.

After editing a student's profile page, click Save before navigating away from the page. Student Details now show on the student's Address Book profile page on the Details tab.

Student details smart tag conditions

We've provided Smart Tags conditions that match based on Student Details fields. The Is Student? condition looks at the presence of information in any of the student fields - the condition does not determine whether the person is a current or past student, however, by using the course Start Year and End Year conditions you can identify students studying within a range of years. Here are examples of each of the student conditions available.

Student reporting

Within the Address Book module's Reports section are several student-related reports in the Students section.

Each student report has a selection of filter options - click Generate to apply any filter changes made.

Reports can be printed or downloaded in CSV or PDF format. You can also Communicate with students in a report's results by email and SMS.

Top tips

If you're thinking about where to plant new 'student' small groups, why not use the Student Location report, which plots the primary term-time address of your students (rather than the student's secondary/home address)? The report is great for identifying geographical groupings of just your students.

By visualising your students in this way you can help them to meet other students who, like them, are living away from home. Why not use the Student reports to find out who to invite to a student lunch?

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