Changing the display order of roles in your rotas

When viewing a rota, it is not always ideal to have it ordered alphabetically by rota member last name. Sometimes, for role-based ministries, being able to see quickly whether specific roles are filled in a rota is more useful. In these cases simply ensure that you switch from order by 'Name', to order by 'Role' using the "Order" setting in the rota's settings.

Begin by selecting Edit [rota] from the Edit menu at the top of the rota page.

Here, change the rota order from Name to Role and save the changes. The rota is re-order and this setting will be remembered each time you view the rota. The rota order is also respected in reports, including the rota Overview report and in the My Rotas section of My ChurchSuite.

Note: You can temporarily change the view order using the filter options at the top of the rota Dates page, however this filter is only applied while the rota is being viewed, and will revert to the rota's default view setting when the page is closed. Therefore, to make the rota order default to your preferred order, be sure to follow the instructions above and edit the rota's settings.

If you wish, you can even sort the order of your roles within a rota, so that key roles such as "team leader" or "worship leader" are sorted to the top of the rota team list within each date on the rota. So for example, you may be able to survive without an electric guitarist in your Worship band for a week, but not spotting that you don't have a worship leader could be a real problem!

To change the order of roles head to the Roles section of your Rotas module in ChurchSuite.

Click the "Order" arrow icon for any role in the list to open the "Reorder" window. Now you can use the up/down arrow to reorder your ministry roles, perhaps grouping together roles by ministry and ordering them as required for that ministry. Save the changes when you are finished. Changes to role order take immediate effect and can be seen in all rota views in ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite, and are respected in rota reports, such as the Rotas Overview report.

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