Seeing which user created (or last edited) your ChurchSuite content

Throughout ChurchSuite we record a date, time and user stamp (known as 'CTIME') for each any every page created within your account. The following items are CTIME-stamped:

  • Address Book Contacts, Flows, Key Dates, Tags
  • Children Contacts, Attendance, Gatherings, Tags, Key Dates
  • Attendance Week Data, Attendance Categories
  • Calendar Events, Categories, Leave
  • Small Groups Groups, Attendance, Roles, Tags, Clusters
  • Rotas, Ministries, Roles
  • Giving Givers, Donations, Claims, Funds, Tags, Pledges, Declarations
  • Bookings, Resources, Types

To view the CTIME of any of the above, simply go into the "Edit" page and scroll to the bottom right corner of the page.

Additionally, the "edit" page also displays a note of when the page was last "edited" (top right corner of the page in the grey "Save Changes" bar).

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