Adding a photo to a contact or child

Adding photos to people in the Address Book and Children modules is really useful. As well as helping produce stunning printed church directories, they're also really helpful for staff, leaders and church members, to help recognise people they may not know.

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Uploading Photos in ChurchSuite
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Overview of Photos

Photos show in ChurchSuite in the Address Book and Children modules and also visible in each member's profile in My ChurchSuite. They also appear as a smaller 'avatar' size in listings of contacts when displayed on the screen and in reports. In the absence of a photo, your contacts will display an avatar comprising of their initials and colour coded for their sex (blue=male, pink=female, grey=unknown).

Photo upload dimensions

To avoid your photos being stretched, cropped or incorrectly centred, we recommend a photo is edited to 500px x 500px (square) before being uploaded. Both Windows and Mac offer free in-built tools for editing images, allowing you to crop and resize your images. Photos must be in JPEG or PNG format and not exceed a 2Mb maximum file size.

Uploading photos in ChurchSuite

With your image file already prepared (see above), select "Address Book" > "Contacts" (or "Children" module > "Children"), and select an existing contact to edit, or click to add a new contact.

Click "Choose file" and browse to the location of your pre-prepared image file. Click "OK" to upload. ChurchSuite will upload your image file. You can also drag and drop a file onto the "Choose file" button and that will upload the image too. Click "Save changes".

Uploading photos in My ChurchSuite

Your church members can upload their own contact Photo in My ChurchSuite as long as you have selected to "Allow contacts to upload a photo" in the "Editable Fields" section of your Address Book (or Children Module) My ChurchSuite settings. Similarly, if enabled, parents can upload a profile photo of their children in the My Children section in My ChurchSuite.

Note that only adult contacts linked to children will be able to see their children in My ChurchSuite, and even then, only if this functionality is enabled in your My ChurchSuite settings in the Children Module.

With Photo upload enabled for My ChurchSuite (see above), your church members can now upload photos to their profiles. From the My ChurchSuite home page, click the "Edit my details" button.

Locate the photo section at the top of the page. Clicking on an existing photo allows the member to upload a different image, of they can remove an image by clicking the "X" in the top corner of the image.

Note the Image requirements. 500px x 500px square images work best. Prepare your image first, before uploading, in order to avoid stretching, cropping or centring issues. Click "Save changes" before navigating away from the My Details page.

Viewing photos in PDF reports

In "Address Book" > "Communication", one of the report output options is a PDF contact list, which can be used to produce a beautiful, printed Contact Directory.

Click '+Options' to reveal additional settings for the PDF report, including the ability to "Include photos".


  • Can I upload photos from a webcam directly into ChurchSuite?

No, unfortunately this functionality is not currently possible.

  • What about safeguarding issues around child photos?

Images uploaded to your Children module are only visible to ChurchSuite Users who have permission to access this module. Within My ChurchSuite, only linked parents of children will be able to see those Photos. Remember, no Children records (or photos) are included in the "Search for others" functionality; however an avatar of the image will appear next to the child's name when checking in children using ChurchSuite Connect Check-in. Photos do not display on child name badges, parent pick-up badges or room badges.

  • What about Data Protection?

As with any manual or computerised system that churches use to store data about individuals, this should be done in accordance with an agreed Data Protection policy, and we recommend this be clearly communicated to your church members and users so that they understand how their data will be used. In respect of storing images, church policies should extend to include how such images will be used. In the Children Module we have provided functionality to manage parental Photo/Video consent, and profile images should be stored (or not stored) in accordance with these parental settings. In addition to managing these settings within ChurchSuite, photo/video consent can also be managed by parents in the My Children (if you have enabled this). It's therefore probably not good practice to 'crib' images from your contacts' social media profiles! Instead, encourage church members to upload their own images, providing guidance on how to do this, if needed.

  • Can I bulk-upload Photos?

Unfortunately it is not possible to upload batches of Photos to either the Address Book or Children module. Photos must be uploaded on a contact-by-contact basis, preferably with individuals adding their own photos.

Top Tip!

A great way of capturing images for newcomers to your church is, with permission(!), to send a Smartphone with a built-in camera around the room at a newcomer event and ask people to take a 'selfie'! This is a great, fun way to introduce that your church uses ChurchSuite and to explain why having their photo is so helpful.

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