Adding custom donation methods

When adding donations to ChurchSuite you'll select the donation Method. The system includes several common donation methods - Bank, Card, Cash, Cheque, and Text - but you can also add other giving methods if you wish.

To add or edit a custom Donation Method, head into the Giving module's settings via the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of the module. From the Module Options tab, locate the Donations Methods section and click Edit.

On the Donation Methods pop-up, click Add method. Give the Method a suitable description - we recommend keeping this brief, perhaps just a word or two, like "Envelope". Click Save.

Custom donation methods are included in the list when adding donations, shown in alphabetical order.

Deleting a donation method that is no longer required

You can safely delete a custom Donation Method that's no longer needed without any impact on historic donations. Donations for deleted methods will continue to show the method that was historically used and will continue to show in donation reports, donation statements, and in the My Giving section of My ChurchSuite. A deleted method will no longer be available when adding new donations.

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