Adding custom donation methods

Within the Giving module settings you can create custom donation methods to suit the types of donations your church typically receives, in language and terminology that you are familiar with.

ChurchSuite already provides several system default donation methods - Bank, Cash, Cheque, Card, Direct Debit and Text. You can add further giving methods, such as "Envelope Scheme" in the example below. For example, you may wish to distinguish between "envelope" cheques and loose cheques. Now that's really easy to do. Custom "methods" obviously also display in all your Giving module reports and in the My Giving within My ChurchSuite.

To create a custom donation Method, head into your Giving module settings - the cog wheels in the top right corner of the Giving module - you'll need Manage module or Administrator permissions to do this. You may also need your Giving module password if one has been set.

In the Donations Methods section, click Add method. Give your new method a suitable description - we suggest keeping this brief, perhaps just a word or two, like "envelopes" or "collection tin". Click Save Changes before closing the module settings page.

The donation method is displayed in alphabetical order when viewed in drop-down menus, such as when adding donations or batches of donations; and also in Giving module reports when filtering by 'method'. This order cannot be customised.

Deleting a donation method that's no longer

You can safely delete any of the custom donation methods from the list in your Giving module's options without any impact on existing donations that have used that donation method. Donations for deleted methods will continue to show the method that was historically used for the donation and will continue to show in donation reports and in the My Giving section of My ChurchSuite.

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