Deleting contacts

Active contacts can either be deleted or archived. Archiving a contact removes the contact from your Active contacts in the Address Book (or Children module). By archiving contacts, they can be reinstated to 'Active' at a later date if needed. However, in some cases you may wish to delete a contact.

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Deleting individual contacts
Deleting multiple contacts as a batch

Deleting individual contacts

In "Address Book" > "Contacts" (or "Children module" > "Children"), click the drop-down cog wheels on the right of a contact or child and select "Delete contact" (or "Delete child").

You can also delete a contact by editing a contact's profile. When merely viewing a contact you can only 'archive', but by clicking "Edit contact" (or "Edit child"), the "Delete contact" (or "Delete child" option appears in the top right corner of the contact/child's profile.

Deleting multiple contacts as a batch

A case may arise where you want to delete or archive a lot of contacts in one go either due to a mistake whilst importing, or simply as part of a system cleanup. In this case the thought of going through and deleting or archiving each contact in turn can seem arduous and time consuming. Although we want to make it as difficult as possible for users to accidentally delete all of their contacts, ChurchSuite does present you with a way of quickly and easily deleting or archiving large groups of Contacts or Children. Here's how:

First you'll have to put all the contacts you want to delete or archive in a Tag. To create a new Tag go to the "Address Book" module and select Tags, and then 'Add tag'.

Once you've named the Tag, select the relevant contacts from the contact list.

Once you have created your Tag, save your changes. You're then taken to the Tag's page (alternatively you could select the relevant tag on the "Address Book" > "Tags" page). If you scroll down the page you'll see the option to ' Archive contacts' or 'Delete contacts' on the right hand side of the page, just below the age breakdown graph. Clicking either of these will apply to all the contacts within the Tag.

Clicking either of these options will bring up a series of two warnings. To archive or delete you will have to type "I CONFIRM" for the second warning notification. Click Delete Contacts (or Archive Contacts). The now empty Tag will also be deleted automatically.

This same process works for archiving or deleting children in the Children Module - just ensure that you create the Tag in "Children" > "Tags".

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