Deleting booking types

A booking's Type is a fundamental part of your booking data and is a required field when adding and editing bookings. To prevent loss of booking data when deleting a booking type, you will be required to reassign existing historic and future bookings to an alternative booking type. Here's how the workflow looks...

From the Types section of the bookings module, select Delete from the action menu:

On the Delete type confirmation, select the New Type to which all existing past and future bookings of this particular type are to be re-assigned.

Tick Yes, I'm absolutely sure...

...type I CONFIRM to confirm you are happy with the changes that are about to be processed and click Delete. Historic and future bookings are updated to the new booking Type and the old booking Type is deleted.

Top Tip!

As an alternative to deleting a booking Type, you may prefer to simply Archive the Type, which will not affect existing future or past bookings; archiving will simply prevent any new bookings from being assigned to the archived booking type.

An archived type can be Set as active at any time:

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