Get a list of all children in the same school year or calendar year

The "Years" report in the Children module reports is ideal for quickly getting a list of children that are in the same calendar year or school year. While your children and youth Groups often span multiple age ranges, the "Years" report allows you to identify very specific years - for example, if you want to send a message to all children in their final year at lower school, or if you want to identify children who've reached the qualifying age of your youth ministry.

Go to Children > Reports and select the Years report. Toggle between viewing 'Calendar years' or 'School years', and optionally filter further by Group and/or Tags. Click 'Generate' after making any changes to report filters.

Scrolling down the report further, beyond the graphical breakdown, is a "View" drop-down selector. Select a year and view a list of matching children contacts in that year. You can use the "Communicate" drop-down button at the top of the report to communicate with the matching children and/or their parents, or add the matching children to a Tag.

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