Communicating with ministry overseers

In many churches and organisations the ministry overseers may not actually be serving on the rota or even be a team member for the ministry they oversee. While it's easy to communicate with those on rotas or team members of a ministry, how do you communicate with ministry overseers? Here's a couple of methods depending on what you're wanting to do and where you're working within the system...

Communicating through the Rotas module

First, Select the ministries you wish to communicate with. You can switch to searching by Ministries or Teams, or click Select all to to communicate with all ministries or teams. The matching ministry's members are selected.

Next, Select the members you wish to communicate with. Note how you can communicate with all the selected ministry members - All Members - or just those in certain roles - By Role. In the Roles list select --Ministry Overseer--.

Click Add to add that role from Roles to the Selected Roles.

And finally, you can Choose what you want to do with them - i.e. how you wish to communicate.

Communicating using smart tags

A further suggestion for communicating with ministry overseers is using Smart Tags. One advantage of using this Smart Tag method is that once the tag is set up it will remain up to date as your ministries change i.e. as overseers are added or removed in the future. Smart tags are also surfaced outside of the Rotas module, meaning that you can use them to communicate with ministry overseers while working in the Address Book.

Within the Tags section of the Address Book click Add tag.

Give the tag a suitable Name e.g. "Ministry Overseers" and for Type select Smart Tag. Add conditions as shown below - you'll use the Is ministry overseer condition from the Rotas Module. You can leave the Value field as --Any ministry--, or you can add multiple conditions to the Tag for each of the specific ministries if you to include some by not all ministry overseers e.g. all Children/Youth ministry overseers. Click Save.

From the smart tag's "View" page you now use the Communicate option to communicate with all the current tagged ministry overseers. Sent communications are logged in Communication log of each ministry overseer's profile within the Address Book.

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