Printing labels through ChurchSuite

A label-printing option is available on the Communication page in all modules. In this article we'll be in the Address Book > Communication page, but the principle is the same whichever module you are wanting to work in for producing labels.

Select who you want to send the letters to

Go to "Address Book" > "Communication". At the top of the page, select the contacts that you wish to print labels for.

By default the search box lists your contacts. You can also switch to listing tags in order to produce labels for contacts in one or more of your tags.

Note that you can "Select all", select individuals from the list, filter the list for selection (e.g. typing "John" will shorten the list to all contacts that include the phrase 'John' in the first or last name). Clicking the ? in the "Search" box provides a list of shortcut commands that you can type in the search box. For example, typing tag: gives a simple list of your tags. When working with tags, you have the option to match or not match against multiple tags, and whether the resulting matched contacts should match "all" tags (a more restricted results list), or "any [one]" tag (a more inclusive results list). Click "Apply tags" to selecting the matching contacts.

Set any optional filters you may wish to apply

Select your label size

Finally, select which label type you wish to print to. Note the additional printing options such as including the Title field or using Formal Name. You can also select whether your labels should be logged in the Communication log for each contacts label that you produce - ideal for logging when a letter was sent.


The Address Book is not the only module that has a "Communication" page - other modules, such as "Children", "Small Groups", "Rotas" and "Giving" have a Communication menu too. So, for example, if you go to "Small Groups" > "Communication", you could follow the exact same procedure above, but send letters to all small group members, specific small groups, or specific small group roles such as "Leader".

Avery Labels

The "Avery" label formats are label paper that you can buy for a normal, A4 or Letter printer. The "Envelope" formats are for printing addresses directly onto envelopes. Some printers support this functionality, but it does depend on the printer. The "Brother" labels are for a specific label printer that ChurchSuite supports - the Brother QL-570.

Avoiding wasted labels

When printing Avery labels, there is an additional option to specify a label offset, which determines the number of blank labels to skip before your labels begin to print. Now you can redeem all those part-used sheets of labels in your stationery cupboard!

Generate and print your labels

When you are ready to print, click "Generate labels".

A PDF preview of your labels is now generated, which you can download or print direct from your browser.

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