Running event sign-up at your information desk

ChurchSuite's Calendar module includes functionality to facilitate both manual and online event signup at your church's Information Desk.

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Produce a printed sign-up sheet
Use Connect for event sign-up at your Information Desk

Produce a printed sign-up sheet

For each event page where sign-up is enabled, you can produce a report that can be used as a manual sign-up sheet for use at your church's Information Desk. Simply scroll down to the "Sign-Ups" section and select "Print sign-ups" from the drop-down "Print" menu.

Then simply set whether you want to include the Event information and/or existing sign-ups in the report, and click "Generate". You can then print the report/sign-up sheet in the usual way.

Use Connect for event sign-up at your Information Desk

As an alternative to manual sign-up sheets, ChurchSuite's Sunday-facing Connect platform includes a great event sign-up application called "Event List", and is designed to be used at your church's Information Desk, perhaps on a laptop or tablet.

The easiest way to log in to Connect is from the Quick Links on the summary page in ChurchSuite (on the right-hand side under the Blog link). The summary page is only visible in a browser, not the apps. It's not possible to open Connect from within either the iOS or Android apps. Connect only runs within a browser.

Since you are already logged in to ChurchSuite, selecting "ChurchSuite Connect" will take you straight to the Connect landing page - shown below.

Select "Event List".

Each event with visibility set with "Show in Connect" enabled is listed in date ascending order. Selecting an event will take you to the usual event page, and, where sign-up is enabled, people can sign-up. Note, for sequence events, only the next event in the sequence shows in Event List.

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