Running event sign-up at your information point

ChurchSuite's Calendar module includes great functionality for your church's Information Point at weekend services and events - ideal for newcomers and those who can't easily access My ChurchSuite but who want to engage with your church's events.

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Produce a printed sign-up sheet
Use Connect for event sign-up at your Information Point

Produce a printed sign-up sheet

You can easily produce a printed paper sign-up sheet that can be used for recording manual sign-ups at your Information Point. From an event's "View" page, and where sign-up is enabled for the event, select Print sign-ups from the Sign-Ups tab.

Select which Options you'd like included on the Sign-Up Sheet; ensure to select Add additional blank page. Click Generate to apply the selection. Note that tickets are listed by default on the first printed page, so that your Information Point volunteers have the appropriate information to hand.

Having selected Add additional blank page, note that this is set out with helpful column headings, to help gather the required sign up information:

Sign-ups collected in this way will need to be manually added against the event using the Add sign-up option on the Sign-Ups tab of the event's "View" page in the Calendar module.

Use Connect for event sign-up at your Information Point

As an alternative to paper sign-up sheets, ChurchSuite's Sunday-facing Connect platform includes a great Event List application purpose-designed to be used at your church's Information Point, running on a laptop or tablet. Newcomers and those who can't yet access My ChurchSuite or who need assistance with technology can head to your Information Point and sign up to the events that you're promoting. Connect runs within a browser environment on any device and we also have a Connect app for Android devices (see the related support article).

See the related support article for how to access Connect. For event sign-up your Information Point team will use the Event List application but you can easily switch between applications depending on the needs of those visiting your Information Point.

The Event List shows you upcoming events in ascending date order. Multi-site churches can optionally further-filter by Site and the event list can be filtered by event Category. The list is scrollable, so you can navigate to any future event whose Visibility settings have Show in Connect enabled.

Clicking on any event will open the usual Event Page and, where enabled, people can sign-up to the event, including purchasing "pay" tickets, where appropriate.

Note that for sequence events, only the next event date in the sequence shows in Event List, so if you have a 10-week Alpha Course, only the next upcoming course date is included in the list.

Important! Privacy and device auto-fill

We recommend you review your Connect device and device browser settings to ensure that "auto-fill" is disabled. Auto-fill is a device and browser feature that caches (stores) the information you submit on forms, so that the next time you're completing a form on that device, some of your personal information can be automatically populated into the form fields. While this functionality may be desirable for your own personal devices, it's clearly not helpful in a public-facing context where you do not want each person's form submission data to be cached on the device such that it is auto-suggested or auto-filled when the next person uses the device.

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