What happens if I remain invisible in My ChurchSuite

As well as managing their contact details in My ChurchSuite, members can also manage their Privacy settings; choosing which basic contact details they are happy to be visible to other members within My ChurchSuite.

When logging in to My ChurchSuite, if you see the following warning message on the Home page it means that none of your basic contact details, including your name, are visible to others in My ChurchSuite.

Being invisible in My ChurchSuite means that...

  • Your name will not show on any rotas that you serve on or the underlying ministry's member list - fellow rota members and ministry overseers will not see your name on the rota, and will not be able to contact you.
  • Your name will not show on any small group member lists that you are a member of - fellow group members and leaders will not see your name in the group's member list, and will not be able to contact you.
  • You will not be able to use the Group Email functionality in the My Rotas and My Groups sections - you won't be able to send group emails or be able to receive group emails, meaning you could miss out on important communications.

We encourage you to review your Privacy Settings and set your name and at least one means of contact to be visible so that your community can function well. Do speak your your leaders if you have any questions about your organisation's privacy policy that are unclear.

You can be reassured that your name and any other basic contact details that you do choose to set visible to others...

  • will only be visible to other members who, like you, have been authorised and invited to use My ChurchSuite by your leaders,
  • that you can manage your privacy settings in My ChurchSuite at any time in the future,
  • that the only basic personal information that you can choose to share is your Name, Email, Mobile, Telephone and Address - no other personal information is shared (though it may be visible to you),
  • that while parents can manage the personal information of each of their own children, children details are not visible to others in My ChurchSuite unless a child is a member of a rota or small group, in which case their name only is visible to fellow rota members or fellow group members - no further child details are ever disclosed in My ChurchSuite,
  • that My ChurchSuite is secure.

How to review your privacy settings

Click the Privacy Settings button on the Home page.

The Privacy Settings pop-up window opens. Here you can now set which pieces of basic contact information you feel comfortable having visible to other members who also have My ChurchSuite access. Again, we encourage you to set your Name and at least one means of contact to be visible so that your My ChurchSuite member community can function well.

Click Save Changes to apply the changes. You can review you privacy settings at any time in the future my selecting the My Details menu option and select the Privacy tab in your personal profile.

In the My Details section, note the option to review and update the personal Details held by your church, your Login details and also your Communication options - choosing which of your church's communication methods you wish to opt in or out of.

Moving forwards, if you have any questions about My ChurchSuite, about privacy settings or how your personal information is used by your organisation, do get in touch with your leaders in the first instance, who will be only too pleased to help you.

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