Custom reporting with the table generator

Within the Address Book, Children, Calendar and Giving module reports is a customisable Table Generator that allows you to produce a custom table of contact, children, event or giver details that can be further filtered by Key Dates and Tag (for contacts, children and givers) and by date range (for events) for maximum versatility.

Simply select which columns you would like in the table. For the Address Book, Children and Giving modules the results can be further filtered by Key Dates, Key Dates within a range and Tags. You can also toggle results between your Active, Archived and Pending status contacts, children and givers in the results.

The fields available in the Columns drop-down menu depend on the module within which you are running the Table Generator. For modules with Custom Fields (Address Book and Children) you can select your custom fields as columns in the results too.

All the column headings are click-sortable, so for example, having created a table of contacts and their ages, you can click the "Age" column to see who is the oldest or youngest in the matched table of contacts.

Using the Tags drop-down you can filter one or more tags, choosing whether to match 'any' or 'all' tags in the results. Selecting between the 'tick' and the 'cross' allows you to filter results that DO match a Tag or do NOT match the selected Tag.

The results table can then be downloaded (CSV or PDF) or printed. You can also communicate direct from the report, either sending the report by email, or communicating with the contacts in the table by email or SMS. The "Add to" button can be used to add contacts in the table to a Fixed Tag or to a Flow.

Within the Calendar module the Table Generator returns a list of events based on on the columns selected and the range of dates specified. Column headings are click-sortable.

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