How to export people data to a CSV file

You always have access to the data stored in your account and ChurchSuite includes several features to help make exporting your data as quick and easy as possible. One of the most common methods is to export the details of people as a CSV format file, which can be opened in many third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Google Sheets. Here's how...

Note: In this article, we describe how to export a list of contacts as a CSV file from the Address Book. The same option to export 'people' data is also available in other modules and the steps are identical to those outlined below.

Working within the Address Book head into the Communication section of the module.

Every module's Communication page is divided into two sections:

  • Section 1 - Select the people you wish to communicate with (or export)
  • Section 2 - Choose what you want to do with them

Within the Address Book: in Section 1 you'll select the contacts with whom you wish to communicate with or Export. The contacts listed are for the Site/s being viewed. You can either choose individual contacts from the scrollable list by clicking on a name - selected names move to the list on the right - or use the Search to filter Contacts or Tags - the list filters as you type in the Search - or click Select all to choose all contacts. Selected people are moved to the box on the right. You can remove selected people by clicking the X next to a selected contact's name or by clicking Clear all.

Continuing down the page to Section 2, locate the CSV option.

Clicking the CSV Options button reveals the field options that can be optionally included in the CSV file. In addition to a comprehensive choice of contact detail fields, you can also export people's Tags, Key Dates, Custom Fields, and Communication and Privacy settings.

Once you're happy with the selection click Export to CSV. When prompted, save the CSV file to your preferred location.

Top Tip!

When exporting people from the Address Book and Children modules you have the option to include ChurchSuite's internal Contact ID, Spouse ID, Child ID and Parent ID fields. These ID fields give you everything you need to be able to cross-match family members in CSV file(s) if you are subsequently importing into another system.

Address Book module CSV options (extract)

Children module CSV option (extract)

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