How to export your contacts to a CSV file

In order to give you full control of what data that is stored on your account, ChurchSuite includes numerous options to help make extracting your contacts' details as quick and easy as possible. One of the most commonly used methods is to export the details of your contacts as a CSV file, a process which ChurchSuite allows you to complete in a just a few simple steps. With that in mind, let's get started!

Note: Although in this article we will be describing how to export a list of contacts as a CSV file from the Address Book, the option to export the details of your contacts is also available in the Children, Giving, Rotas and Small Groups modules too, and the steps are identical to those outlined below.

Begin by going to the "Communication" page. In the Section 1 select the contacts whose details you wish to export. You can select individual contacts, "Select all" contacts, or type "Tag" to view a list of all your Tags.

In Section 2 you can optionally filter your contact list, perhaps to only export contacts whose sex is female, or those of a certain age.

Scroll down to the Section 3 and select locate the "CSV" option.

Clicking "Show Options" reveals a number of tick box field options that can be included or excluded from your CSV file; allowing you to create CSV files with custom content. In addition to contact fields, you can also export the Tags, Key Dates, Custom Fields and Public Communication settings for your contacts.

Once you're happy with your selection, click "Export to CSV". Save your CSV file to your preferred location. This file can be opened easily in spreadsheet applications like MS Excel.

Top Tip!

When exporting contacts from the Address Book and Children module, you have the option to optionally include ChurchSuite's contact ID, spouse ID, child ID and parent ID fields. These ID fields give you everything you need to be able to cross-match family members in your data.

Address Book module CSV options (extract)

Children module CSV option (extract)

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