Integrating with PayFast for event ticket sales

PayFast is an online card payment gateway for South African customers that ChurchSuite uses to handle all debit or credit card payments for your "pay" event tickets.

About PayFast

PayFast is the payment provider ChurchSuite uses for all card payments for "pay" event tickets received by South African customers only. There are no set-up fees or monthly subscriptions. Card payments accepted via PayFast are subject to a transaction fee. For more information about PayFast click here. For details about PayFast fees click here. The PayFast integration cannot be used for receiving online card donations. Note also that PayFast only card process payments of R5.00 and higher.

Completing the PayFast Integration

Navigate to the Integrations section of the Administrator area and select PayFast.

Click Start.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Integration pop-up. Enter your Merchant ID and Merchant Key and your Salt Passphrase (if you have set one in your PayFast account dashboard). The above details are found on your PayFast account dashboard. (Where is my Merchant ID and Merchant Key?). Click Save to complete the process.

Congratulations! PayFast is now integrated with your ChurchSuite account. Now, when you add "pay" tickets to an event you'll be able to receive card payments for those tickets when people sign-up. Card payments are paid directly into your designated bank account by PayFast (no card details are held within ChurchSuite) - typically PayFast transfers monies to your bank account in batches every few days, and within approximately 2-7 days of the event sign-up.

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