Logging in to ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite

In this article we provide a visual walkthrough of the login process for users and members accessing ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite using a web browser or app (iOS/Android).


In this article we distinguish Users, who access the various modules in your church's admin-facing ChurchSuite system or ChurchSuite Connect, from Members who will access the member-facing My ChurchSuite.

In a browser environment Users can log in with their username or user email address and their password. In an app environment Users log in with their username and password.

In a browser or app environment Members will log in with their email address (as recorded in their Address Book profile). Where a user is also a member, and as long as their user account is linked to their Address Book profile (see Top Tip below), the login process will intuitively provide a list of all the user/member's ChurchSuite, Connect and My ChurchSuite accounts regardless of whether they use their username, user email address or Address Book profile email address.

Link users to their Address Book contact

Where users are also church members, we recommend that you link their user account to their contact profile in the Address Book, as explained in this support article. Doing so will make the login process more intuitive for those users; allowing them to enter their user email or contact email address or username and they'll receive a full list of all their login profiles - for ChurchSuite, Connect and My ChurchSuite.

Logging in through a web browser

Browse to login.churchsuite.com. You may also wish to bookmark this login page link or add the page link to your browser "favourites". Begin by searching for your church name - you'll only need to do this once as a browser "cookie" will remember your church selection the next time you open the login.churchsuite.com login page.

Top Tip!

As an alternative to login.churchsuite.com you can bypass the above "church search" stage by using your church's ChurchSuite subdomain name in the following format: -

  • subdomain_name.churchsuite.co.uk for ChurchSuite
  • subdomain_name.churchsuite.co.uk/my for My ChurchSuite

For example, your can church members can bookmark the /my login link for direct access to My ChurchSuite.

Enter your email address. Users can optionally enter their username if they wish. Click Next to continue to the next step.

In this example, Jim and Janine are church members, not users; so only their My ChurchSuite accounts are listed. As in this example, if more than one Address Book contact or user shares the same email address (e.g. a couple who use a shared email account), they'll be asked to select the appropriate person...

...and then they can enter their password (case sensitive) to login, or click Forgotten Password? to request a password reset email. Note that password reset emails are only valid for 24 hours and can only be used once. Each password reset request invalidates previous requests, so if you have made multiple reset requests, always use the most recent password reset email received. After entering your password, click Login. In the example below, Jim will be logged in to My ChurchSuite as that is the only ChurchSuite account linked to his email address.

Here's another example. Paul is a user. Having already searched for and selected his church, he can either enter his username...

...or he can enter either his user account email address or his Address Book contact profile email address...

...and in both cases Paul is provided a full list of all the accounts that he can log in to - in this case, to ChurchSuite, Connect or My ChurchSuite. Paul can now select from the list as appropriate...

...and enter his password for that account. Click Login to complete the login process.

And in this example, CheckIn1 is the name of a user that has permissions for just the Child Check-in system in ChurchSuite Connect. When this Connect user enters their username CheckIn1, they're taken straight to the password screen for their Connect account login...

Logging in through the iOS/Android app

Login through the ChurchSuite iOS and Android app works in much the same way. See the related support article about apps for further information. Having installed the app on your device, opening the app prompts you to enter your login details, beginning by searching for your church name.

Users can enter their username and password and this will create both their ChurchSuite user account and their linked My ChurchSuite account in the app - users can easily switch between their accounts within the app without needing to log in each time.

Church members will enter their email address - the same email address that you have in their Address Book profile - and their password. Couples sharing an email address must have unique passwords so that the app is able to determine which person is logging in.

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