Viewing a snapshot of your organisation's key demographics

The Snapshot report in the Address Book module's Reports section provides a simple, high-level summary of your organisation's key demographics for adult contacts within your Address Book - providing a breakdown by age, sex, marital status and distance from the church/organisation. The report can be filtered by Tag - perhaps to see just those in your 'members' tag - and also 'by Site' (when used in conjunction with the 'site selector' - multi-site customers only). Click Generate to apply filter changes.

Note: "Distance from Church (miles)" is calculated based on each contact's longitude/latitude coordinates stored in the database; and represents the distance from the contact's site (i.e. their church). The coordinate data is not surfaced in a manner for users to be able to interact with. It should also be noted that the presence of an address and/or postcode/zip code is not a guarantee that coordinates can be derived for that address - it is therefore possible that even contacts with a seemingly valid address do not have longitude/latitude coordinates and are therefore not included in the bar chart results. We are unable to guarantee coordinates for every contact and so the bar chart serves merely as a guide.

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