Using batch actions to perform bulk updates in the Address Book

It's sometimes the case that a user wants to 'bulk change' a selection of records, or even all records. "Batch actions" is a feature that enables users to do just that. Each module in ChurchSuite has its own 'batch action' functionality, with more batch actions planned for the future.

In this article we explore the batch actions currently available in the Address Book module. See the related article for batch actions available in the other modules.


Within the Address Book module on the Contacts list, selecting one or more contacts will reveal the Actions menu, allowing a user to perform batch actions on the selected contacts.

Batch actions include: Send email, Send SMS, Download CSV, Add to flow, Add to [small] group, Add to key date, Add to tag, Edit, Archive and Delete.

Contact Edit batch actions let you make batch changes to contact's Country, Marital Status, Sex, Site, Communication options and My ChurchSuite & Privacy settings.


Within a Flow a user can batch Process or batch Remove people from a Flow.

The batch Process page includes options to batch process Actions and to batch change the Due date and Assignee.

Notes report

Within the Address Book module's reports section, the Notes report includes batch actions for deleting contact notes.

Archived Contacts report

Within the Address Book module's reports section, the Archived Contacts report includes batch actions to delete one or more archived contacts. Notice also how you can filter the list to see just those contacts archived within a range of date, and those who have certain key dates within a range of dates.

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