Changes made by church members and users

Using My ChurchSuite to let your church members keep their own data up to date? Here are ways to help you stay on top of the changes made by your church members to their data. You can also view the logs of changes made by users within your admin-facing ChurchSuite platform.

Recent activity

When viewing any contact, child, giver or customer profile page, you'll find a "changes log" located in the Recent Activity section at the bottom of the profile page within the respective module. 

The "Changes" log indicates which platform the change was made (e.g. ChurchSuite or My ChurchSuite), and the date, time and user that made the change. The details of the change are listed too, often with the option to "Undo" a change if a mistake has been made (which will add a further changes log!). 

The "Created" date/time stamp is also visible in the very bottom left corner of the page, enabling you to see when the person was first added to the module and also how they were added.

When "editing" a contact/child/giver, the "last edited" details are visible in the top right corner of the person's profile page within the respective module (see the right hand side of the grey bar in the example below).

Recent changes report

The Recent Changes report lets you view a list of all the changes that have recently been made by your contacts in ChurchSuite. To access it, go to "Address Book" > "Reports". Locate the "Contacts" section and select the "Recent Changes" report.

In the report, you can filter by date range and Tags. You can also toggle between systems - either ChurchSuite, My ChurchSuite or All. Finally, you can change the report order. Click Generate to refresh the report.

Changes are also viewable in the Recent Activity > Changes section on each contact's profile page.

Recent logins report

The Recent Logins report lets you see a list of contacts who have recently logged in to My ChurchSuite. Go to "Address Book" > "Reports" and choose the "Recent Logins" report from the My ChurchSuite section.

You can filter a range of dates and Tags. Click Generate to refresh the report following changes to the filters.

Recent logins to My ChurchSuite by each church members are also viewable in the Recent Activity > Logins section on each contact's profile page.

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