Using batch actions to perform bulk updates in the Small Groups module

It's sometimes the case that a user wants to 'bulk change' a selection of records, or even all records. "Batch actions" is a feature that enables users to do just that. Each module in ChurchSuite has its own 'batch action' functionality, with more batch actions planned for the future.

In this article we explore the batch actions currently available in the Small Groups module. See the related article for batch actions available in the other modules.


Within the Small Groups module on the Groups list, selecting one or more groups will reveal the Actions menu, allowing a user to perform batch actions on the selected groups.

Batch actions include: Download CSV, Edit and Delete [group]

Group Edit batch actions include being able to batch change the Cluster, Site, Visibility and Sign-Up settings for selected groups.

There are also batch actions available on the group Members list for each of your small groups, making it easy to Send email, Send SMS, Download a CSV members list, Set group members active or pending, or bulk-Remove selected members from the group.

Notes report

Within the Small Group module's reports section, the Notes report includes batch actions for deleting group notes.

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