CCLI tracking and reporting

Regular song reporting enables CCLI to accurately distribute royalties and ChurchSuite makes it easy to record and report on the songs you use. In order to track your song usage, first ensure that any Types you've created for songs have the CCLI tracking box ticked. This can be done when you Add or Edit a Type.

Ticking the CCLI tracking box means that the relevant CCLI number can be noted whenever you add a new song as a Library Item.

Top Tip!

Please note that a song must be a Library Item in order to have a CCLI Number assigned to it. When using Add plan item to add an ad hoc song to a Plan, it's not possible to assign a CCLI Number to the song from the pop-up screen. 

For the song to appear in CCLI reports, you must subsequently click on the cogwheel to the right of the song and select Add library item. This will enable you to add a CCLI Number and save the song to your Library, ensuring that the song will be included in CCLI reports.

In the Reports section of the Planning module, the CCLI Report allows you to quickly identify all CCLI-numbered songs which have been used in a given time period.

Use the filters to select the relevant timescale and the name of the Type/s of Item you’d like to report on. Leaving the Type field blank will ensure that all CCLI-numbered Items will be included in the report. It’s also possible to generate a report for a specific Service and to include either Draft or Published Plans.

Clicking the Generate button will provide you with a report which can then be downloaded, printed or emailed to others.

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